NGINX - CORS with a single if

Hello everyone, long time no see!

Today while working on a PR, I was thinking about how to do CORS without using ifs on NGINX.

If you are not familiar with the reasons to try to avoid using IF, you should take a look at this post

And as usual, map comes at our rescue!

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DNS Round Robin, Consul and Java

Hello everyone! Today, for a change, I will be talking about Consul from Hashicorp instead of NGINX.

I will start with the assumption that you’re aware of what a DNS round robin is and how it’s supposed to work and evolve from there.

I would like to start saying that the “problem” we faced, it’s not related to Consul, but the solution that we looked for was for Consul.

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NGINX+ - Replicated Key-Value Store

Today I would like to show how two NGINX+ modules can work together to create a replicated and load balanced RESTfull key-value storage.

If you have any question, not only about NGINX, that you think that I can answer for you, feel free to leave a comment!

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NGINX+ Automatic PURGE when content is changed

One of the biggest challenges for content caching is the expiration of this content, too short lived and your cache is not effective, too long, and you will serve stale data.

The sweet spot for caching is exactly to cache the content while it’s valid, which is hard as you may not know for how long your content will be valid at the moment that’s being cached.

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NGINX - Unique Request Identifier

A really useful information to have while debugging applications is an end-to-end request id.

To be able to achieve that you need not only NGINX but also application changes, to forward the ids but also to log them.

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After a long winter, I’m here again to post about my favorite subject, wanna guess? NGINX! (Like it was hard to guess)

I will start with a story, which may or may not be based in real life, you get to choose.

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Dublin DevOps Meetup - Lazy DevOps

Yesterday, 10th August 2016, I’ve presented in our Dublin DevOps Meetup, that happened on Dublin Zendesk’s Office.

My talk was about my experience building a PaaS, what’ve learned, my mistakes and how I solved some of my problems.

I would like to say thanks to everyone that came to Zendesk’s office to see our talks.

The presentation is available at my github


nginx.conf 2016

As you know, between September 7 and September 9 in Austin, Texas, the nginx.conf 2016 will happen!

It will be an awesome opportunity to learn from the NGINX experts and to join the community.

The good news about it is that NGINX kindly gave a gift to my blog readers, a discount code that will give you $400 off 2-Day and All Access pass!

Just go to the nginx.conf website and buy your ticket and use the code SYSHERO on the checkout, simpler than configuring NGINX right?

It’s almost 50% discount for the All Access Pass and more than 50% for 2-Day Conference Pass!

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your NGINX skills!

imapfilter - cleaning up your mailbox and Gmail tricks

Hello friends, For the ones of you that do not know imapfilter, you should check it out, but basically, imapfilter is an IMAP client where you can write a set of rules and apply this rules to your mailbox.

imapfilter rules are written in Lua, a really simple and powerful programming language.

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